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Harry Potter/Supernatural

#Sam is Harry because he’s the ~CHOSEN ONE~ and his mother died in his nursery trying to protect him from the Big Bad when he was just a little baby and it was also right around Halloween when this happened. He’s psychically linked to said Big Bad that killed his mother and constantly worried that there is a darkness inside of him that will make him turn out evil but eventually he realizes that it is his choices far more than his abilities that define who he really is. #Also the hair. #Dean is Ron because he is the best friend that is constantly eating and who makes everything fun and jokes around a lot but in reality he’s really strong and smart and important himself. His friendship with the CHOSEN ONE is the most important friendship because they mean so much to each other and would do anything for each other. Ultimately he plays a super important role in saving the world too. #Castiel is Hermione because he’s the brains of this operation but he’s so much more than that— he’s tough as nails and can handle just about anything. Also the fun best friend constantly teases him for being a ‘nerd’ and said teasing is just covering up a seriously intense crush.

#its the same #im crying #the impala is hedwig


my chest hurts

oh my god

there is such beauty here

This is surprisely very accurate!

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